Dr. Darnisa Amante-Jackson

Racial Equity Strategist and Educator

Dr. Darnisa Amante-Jackson is a racial equity strategist, an educator, a reverberating voice for the disenfranchised, and a true champion of the BIPOC community.

Pairing her entrepreneurial spirit with a profound commitment to justice and fairness, Dr. Amante-Jackson spearheads efforts to inspire transformative restructuring of organizational cultures within both the public and private sectors as the successful founder and CEO of two companies – The Disruptive Equity Education Project (DEEP) and DEEP Corporate Consulting Partners (DCCP) – dedicated to the shared mission of delivering diversity, belonging, equity, and inclusion to individuals, groups, and organizations at the cusp of cultural revolution.

Recent events that have provoked a global response and led to an outpouring of support and outcry for justice, calling for the dismantling of systemic oppression, have brought DBEI to the forefront of national consciousness, but Dr. Amante-Jackson has been on the frontlines of this fight long before hashtags and viral social media posts issued a renewed call to action.

Described by the New York Times as an “important Black voice in the sector” and appearing in numerous publications — including Fast Company in which she cautioned against complacency and wrote that DBEI work involves more than just checking boxes — Dr. Amante-Jackson has established her platform based on years studying the disproportionate representation of underrepresented groups in positions of power and the need for capacity building in the very organizations responsible for education, commerce, and distribution of wealth in the United States.

Since earning her master’s degree in Sociocultural Anthropology from Brandeis University, and her Educational Leadership Doctorate (Ed.L.D.) – from Harvard Graduate School of Education, she has spent the last three years serving as the Tri-Chair to the RIDES Project at Harvard’s Graduate School of Education, supporting systemic and school-based cultural change and coaching for districts at a national level. The influence of her equity and racial inclusion work has been felt up and down the east coast as she has devised strategic interventions for Boston public schools, the New York City Department of Education, and Harvard University Programs in Professional Education, to name a few.

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Jennie Brooks, host of the Unstoppable Together podcasts, chats with Dr. Darnisa Amante-Jackson, an organizational development and equity strategist. In this conversation, originally recorded during the 2022 Unstoppable Together Summit, they discuss the four “i”s of oppression, the three layers of accountability, and the difference between intent and impact when it comes to bias.

An Evening with Dr. Darnisa Amante-Jackson

SUNY New Paltz Distinguished Speaker Series

November 10TH, 2021



In her current capacity as founder, president, and CEO of DEEP and DCCP, Dr. Amante-Jackson collaborates with districts, district-leaders, school level leaders, institutions of higher learning, non-profits, corporations, and boards to embed organizational cultures that deepen diversity, elevate equity, bolster belonging, and increase inclusion. Whether in the classroom, boardroom, or conference room, she has helped to establish cultures built on a common foundation of respect, accountability, and value.

In addition to her motivational keynotes and overseeing the delivery of unparalleled service provided by either of her two highly requested companies, Dr. Amante-Jackson’s true gift lies in her ability to build capacity where none previously existed by bridging the divide between seemingly disparate interest groups and firmly establishing the need for shared decision-making to achieve common goals and to establish a sense of ownership among all stakeholders.

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